Eagle Hunting History Altai Kazakh

Eagle Hunting History Altai Kazakh
Before put here numerous  (Altai Kazakh Mongolian) (Eagle Hunting History more than 2000 years of age) legends about Altai Kazakh Eaglehunting history. let me give a few pieces of information about Golden Eagle and Altai Kazakh Hunting Skills.
Brilliant Eagle is a fledgling of falcons family, ruthless class, In Kazakhstan lives all over the place, aside from - woodless deserts and steppes; in the south of Kazakhstan – settled, in the North - incompletely transient. Measure - up to 95 cm, wing-traverse - up to 220 cm, weight 4 - 6 kg. Plumage is of a similar kind, dim – cocoa, scruff, and neck - goldish-red, youthful people have white, with a wide dark strip on the end, tail, bring down part of a wing - with vast white spots. A down settling - just white. Golden Eagle settles in couples, making colossal (up to 2 мin a measurement) settles in specialties and on edges of rough breakages, on trees. In March-April hen lays 1 - 3 eggs (hen sits on eggs around 45 days). The nestlings leaves settles in 2,5 months of old, yet guardians will be gatekeepers along time. Brilliant Eagle lives around 100 years in regular conditions. Eats: in mountains – marmots, kekliks, ulars, reven and gophers; in deserts – sandpiper, rabbits, partridges, hazel grouses, turtles, snakes and so forth. Every so often assaults the foxes and badgers.

Chasing with Golden Eagle is a standout amongst the most one of a kind components of the Kazakh life. The seeker is named Kusbegi or Berkutchi. The experience of wild fowls preparing was picked up by Kazakh Kusbegi by hundreds of years, the insider facts were affected from the father to the child and kept the profound mystery. Right now we can meet few individuals with such name. These bosses have a natural endowment of wild winged creatures preparing. For a chasing, they tame birds of prey, brilliant falcons, and hawks. Names of winged creatures are given relying upon their appearance and fight qualities. The chasing with Golden Eagle is amid ten centuries. Was considered, to exhibit the young person a settling of chasing a winged animal, means, to wish to him to start valiant, solid dzhigit. To prepare brilliant falcon – it is the high workmanship. The got winged creature bit by bit familiarizes to the proprietor. For it Berkutchi a few evenings doesn't close eyes and forbids to rest brilliant bird. The winged animal can take bolster (bits of uncooked meat) just from hands of the proprietor. After feathered creature will get used to the seeker Berkutchi, his steed, and canine, Berkutchi starts to prepare to chase for stuffed fox and at exactly that point the genuine chasing starts. Extraordinarily prepared brilliant eagle chases for little creatures: rabbits, foxes, partridge, dark hazel grouses.
Hardware for a chasing with chasing winged creatures. For a chasing with chasing winged animals extraordinarily plan gear: a spread, top, love seat, and chain. Bardak - unique wooden prop for a hand - attempt without it to bring on the extended hand a feathered creature of weight 6-7 kg! Shyrga – skin of bunny or fox is loaded with straw. This is manual for a winged animal. The seeker drags along shyrga with long rope along steppe and teaches brilliant falcon to assault prey. Kusbegi must have endless tolerance and tirelessness.
There are numerous legends about Altai Kazakh Eagle hunting.As far, Eaglehunterswe stays in contact with An Eagle hunters consistently and live together, decided to distribute a legends,s and Eaglehunter's talkings.
I think Kazakh Eaglehunting has more than 2000 years history.When i was tyke (around 1950yrs) popular neighborhood Eaglehunters Sepdolda and Juldyzbai took me as alarm kid for fox and rabbit.During chasing they made truly regularly breaks and Eaglehunters conversed with each other about Eaglehunting history.
Sepdolda stated:
- Old time Kazakhs called falcon as Shegirbayan.One Kazakh eaglehunter after taxing day chasing came to Kazakh roaming family to spend overnight.As Kazakhs are review accommodation people, host killed one of his 6-7 goats to nourish his guest.This family didn't have child.When have perceived how hawk is cold, hungry and tired approached his significant other to make fire for all night, so hawk can stay warm.Gave to bird some meat.Next morning seeker left a family with his magnificient feathered creature after great rest and said many thank to host because they sustained up his winged animal too. Bird was prepared for next chasing.
After this visit, spouse gave a birth to boy. And have thought, that god gave this boy because his family nourished up the eagle.from this moment, Altai Kazakhs call the bird like "Birkut", which means encouraged up in Englsih.

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