Discovering Mongolia Through Horse Riding Trips

Mongolia holidays have a lot to offer, with horse riding activities topping the list. Trips to Mongolia are a cultural experience made even better on the back of the strong yet petite Mongolian horses. Amidst the various festivals and interactions with locals and pristine nature, can't go wrong with your choice of holiday destination.

In this calm corner of the world, you get to go on amazing tours on horseback that are all the more interesting when done in small groups. During these tours, you get to interact with nature in every way - get exposed to the scenic beauty of the Altai Mountains, the central Zavkhan and Arkhangai regions, Lake Khovsgol the hills of Khentii, and other remote areas of natural beauty. If have a penchant for unspoilt, real, and calming nature, Mongolia horse riding trips are the thing for you.

Mongolia is one of the countries that have let nature take its course without the disconcertion and the continual attempts to improve it like other countries have. On your adventures and treks, you will inevitably get to experience the beauty and the appeal of nature in its utmost glory. As you take in the views of the mountains and valleys, you get an intrinsic feeling that only the presence of nature brings.

If travelling in the summer, there is the Naadam Festival and the Nomads' Day cultural festival to consider and look forward towhen planning your visit to Mongolia. In the winter, experience the eagle hunting festival at Chingisiin Khuree Tourist Camp where you can arrive in style-on a horse. You might want to watch or try your hand at holding a golden eagle.

When it comes to nature`s touch, there is nothing that is quite as serenely beautiful as viewing the crystal clear waters of Lake Khovsgol mounted on a horse. As the waters find their course and make different waves giving you a glimpse of the smooth bedrock underneath, nature just seems to calm you in a way that nothing else can. When you are done with the perfection of the lake, a trip in the vast Gobi Desert by 4x4 and by camel will do you just fine. As you ride through the sand dunes, the rocks, and the gravel, you get to clearly see the paradox that nature offers. This strikes you quite clearly when you compare the landscape with that of the mountains. You can also make a clear comparison of the thriving life in the mountains and the traces in the desert. All these however, come together to offer a peaceful haven and a renewed drive to life. Apart from the herds of Bactrian camels and flocks of cashmere goats, there are also other species of animals that you will find in the desert, including Ibex and White-Tailed gazelles. With nature and the landscape, the more you see, the more you will want to see. On horseback, life in Mongolia never passes you by even for even a tiny second. Horse riding should always be at the top of your priority list when you next visit Mongolia.

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