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Leave the hustle and bustle, discover the land of
Mongolia, from Gobi desert to reindeer people in
taiga, from the world's only wild horse habitat to
serene lakes and more...

 If you are going to visit Mongolia for leisure or business purpose, click Mongolia travel tours link where you can find a trip according to tour duration and type. You may select by how many days you want to spend in Mongolia or by theme such as Naadam, horse riding, Camel Festival and so on.

You can check also Mongolia weather condition in real time and for future months before your travel to Mongolia. Even if you don't know the exact name or spelling of the location or destination in Mongolia, you can just click on blue dots in the approximate vicinity of the actual place on Mongolia map shown at the link.


"Me and my wife really like the Mongolia tour which was proposed and organized by you. It was more than what we expected having gone on similar arrangements in other countries.

I particularly like the Gobi trip, vastness of Mongolia for horse riding and friendly people especially at the country side.

It is a pity that we didn't have enough time to visit more places. I will come back one day to visit the northern and eastern region, hopefully during Naadam festival too!"

Luke Lee


You may find helpful Mongolia Travel FAQ which answers questions like what clothing should be brought, what voltage works in Mongolia, etc. Also you can read an article published abroad about a tour we arranged, here .

mongolia travel profile pic I established this company in 2004. Now we have this website which is only as good as I am or my small staff are. There are many imperfections which hopefully will be cleared along the way.


 For your vacation and holidays come to us.



"I would like to thank you so much for the absolutely extra-ordinary week that I had in Mongolia. I feel so special to have been able to experience the sights, sounds and the wonderful hospitality of the people of your amazing country. I would definitely like to go back and see more! In my own little way, I am going to try and encourage my colleagues and friends to travel there and see it for themselves.
I would like to wish both you and Tamir all the very best of everything for the future and thank you so much!
Best regards,  Bella, Australia (via South Korea!)".                                             

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 If you can not arrive in Mongolia you still can get your piece of Mongolia. Visit our Mongolian Arts and Crafts online store where you will see gutal-thumb100Mongolian paintings, handcrafts, cashmere blankets, cashmere scarves, sheep wool felt products, Mongolian boots with hand sewn sole made using  an age old, time proven technology preferred by Mongolian tough wrestlers, and more.

We will be glad to hear from you. Our website is far from perfect and is still getting developed. Perhaps forever it will be under development.

"Candy and I really love Mongolia. Since then, we have gone to Beijing, Singapore, Indonesia, and we just got back from a ten day tour of India's Rajasthan. But, of all these, Mongolia is still at the top of the list! There was something very special about the adventure. Maybe one day we will come back, particularly to listen to the absolutely beautiful Mongolian music, particularly the throat singers..."
Jeff, Canada"


Time restraint, simple physical energy to stay up, and crushing, killer workload - these we seem to have in all plenty.  The following is an example of the tours we offer:

Horseback tour through east bank of Huvsgul lake and a visit to Bulnai spa

We’ll track on east bank of Huvsgul lake, which is densely wooded and with occasional swamps.     Daily travel is estimated at  30-40km within 4-6 hours. For fishing, one has to have obtained a fishing license in advance.   All luggages shall be loaded on other horses.


Ulaanbaatar – fly Huvsgul – Alag tsar – Ovoot uul – Bugat river – Bulnai hot spa – Hilengiin davaa – Huvsgul lake – Ger camp – relaxing day – Fly UB.


CA21: Horseback riding to huvsgul lake 11 days

Day Tour Tour description Place Meal



Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel.




Fly Huvsgul

Fly to Murun and drive to the “Nature’s Door” ger camp (some 110km). Rest and free evening. Choose  horses for the travel and tidy up the other preparation.  Perform a short horseback  trip around Huvsgul lake for a  warm-up.




Alag tsar

Riding to Alag Tsar, semi-steppe region with unlike dense forest on the western bank of the lake.  It is possible for fishing.




Ovoot mountain

Riding to Ovoot uul. You can observe changing landscapes from steppe, valleys to dense forests around the eastern bank of the Huvsgul lake.  Overnight at Ovoot Uul mountain.




Bugat river

Riding to Bugat river. Descending from high mountains down to low valley,  visit a nomadic family.  Overnight at Bugat river bank.




Bulnai hot spa Visit Bulnai hot spa, with natural springs as hot as  +38 to +48 Celcius degrees.  The spa has private cabins with baths, where you can rest and recuperate.




Hilengiin davaa

Riding to Hileng mountain.  Overnight at the bottom of the hill.




Huvshul lake Descend from high mountains down to the valley.  Fishing is possible.  Overnight at the lake.




Ger camp

Riding to ger camp along east bank of Huvsgul lake. It is possible to get there by boat, if exhausted from riding horse.




Free day /Relaxing/

Explore west shore. Relaxing.




Fly Ulaanbaatar

Drive to Murun from Toilogt camp, fly to UB. Transport to hotel. After farewell dinner visit Zaisan hill.






Legend: (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner (H) Hotel (TGC) tourist ger camp (T) Tent


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